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Powerful Insights through the Human Design System

Human Design is a profound tool for awareness that can lead you on a transformative journey towards living the fulfilling life that is meant to be yours.

It facilitates self-acceptance, awareness, emotional healing and a clear recognition of others. It removes the struggle so many of us experience in life.

As a Human Design analyst since 1999, a Human Design teacher since 2001, and a Psychotherapist since 1991, I offer Human Design readings, ongoing coaching and education. The following may give you a sense of where to begin:

Fundamentals Session (necessary prior to other services)
$180,  75 minutes
A personal reading of your Human Design chart including an in depth explanation of your natural gifts and tendencies, your vulnerabilities, your purpose in life and keys and strategies for reliable decision-making---so you can see the beauty of who you are and relax into life with confidence.

Human Design Coaching  Sessions (single or ongoing sessions)
$60 to $90 per hour
Similar to psychotherapy sessions, ongoing coaching sessions help you put into practice the insights you are given in your Fundamentals reading. Improve your ability to live more meaningfully and comfortably, hone your decision-making skills, achieve greater self- acceptance and confidence and enhance your relationships to others through increased awareness and clarity.

In these sessions, you also learn more about your Design, how you are affected by others and the world at large. You may choose to learn about the System itself during these sessions or simply rely on Susan’s expert guidance to help you uncover what works for you,

Three-Session Fundamentals Package (most highly recommended)
Three sessions at a discounted price, paid in advance.
This package deal combines one Fundamentals Session and two Ongoing Sessions at a discount. It offers you the opportunity to be introduced to and to explore your Design in depth, to digest what you learn and seek answers to questions that arise over time.  We will explore your type, authority,  life purpose, your specific strengths and greatest vulnerabilities, as well as reliable keys to your personal decision-making process.  You will have the opportunity to try out what you learn between sessions and explore questions that naturally arise in the process of applying your personal strategy.

Relationship (marriage, parent-child, friendships, etc.)
$200, 90 minutes
Explains and explores built-in dynamics between two people.  Explains attraction and built-in similarities and differences.  Allows awareness and acceptance of one another for things that cannot be changed and brings insight on how to honor oneself and your partner within the relationship.

Life Cycle Sessions (Solar Return, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Kiron Return) 
Offers a perspective of your part in the unfolding of life and deepens your understanding of the importance of honoring who you are through correct decision-making.

Personal Immersion Retreat
2 day retreat;   12 hours of personal instruction,  $380, plus lodging. 
Indulge yourself with a weekend immersion into living your Design.  Stay in my home (an additional $50 per night) or choose lodging in the Ridgway area.  Deepen your Human Design practice of applying your strategy and honoring your authority.  Explore how you are affected by those around you.  Clarify what influences you to stray from what is correct from you.  Bring the charts of family and friends to see how you influence one another.   

Ridgway is a beautiful mountain town in Southwest Colorado.  If you are so inclined, we can walk, hike or xc ski while exploring your Design, or we can stay indoors, at my home or a local cafe or restaurant (we have several excellent restaurants in town).  You can request any combination of local venues and activities that make this weekend your own personal retreat.

Share your retreat weekend with a friend or significant other and receive a per-person discount.  Call me to discuss details.

Living Your Design
2 days, 10 AM to 4 PM  
$240 per person plus cost of required book, for two or more participants  
(Single person price $300)
Introduction to the Human Design System, the 4 types, the 9 centers,  advantages and challenges of definition and openness of each center.  An opportunity to learn more about yourself, friends and family members and to learn more about the system itself.  

to be announced

Rave Cartography
to be announced

Advanced Courses and Analyst Training World-Wide
The following is a link to a world-wide website where I offer courses together with several other long-time teachers of Human Design:


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