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Powerful Insights through Psychotherapy and the Human Design System

Human Design is a profound tool for awareness that can lead you on a transformative journey towards living the life that is meant to be yours. Psychotherapy facilitates the process of self-acceptance, understanding and emotional healing. The combination provides powerful tools for a fulfilling life.”

Human Design is a tool for awareness.  Even with minimal instruction, it provides profoundly simple tools that transform lives and makes sense of life experiences.  It has the power to eliminate confusion and increase mindfulness, both key factors in feeling at ease in your life.
Although the Human Design System is detailed and comprehensive in its ability to describe the complexity of human life, you don't have to learn much of the system to reap benefits from its wisdom.  You just need to know what it says about you---who you are, what is your life about, and how you can make better, more reliable decisions.  The power to make life-affirming decisions in any circumstance lies in two simple and easy-to-understand, personal revelations: strategy and authority.  Your personal strategy and your personal authority for making great decisions lead to you feeling that you are living the life that is meant for you.  These can be read in your Human Design chart.

We all seek happiness.  When you know how to be true to your self (the central focus of every Human Design session),  you are able to live  a deeply fulfilling life.  The quality of your life depends upon every single decision you make:  where you live, what time you get up, what you eat, who you associate with, what work you choose, and so forth.  Human Design  transforms your life by showing you how honor what is right for you, how to make those decisions correctly as yourself.  It shows you where you are often mislead by false hopes and influences coming from the world around you..  Once you know how, following your strategy and authority is simple, very simple. 

Do not in any way underestimate the power of simplicity.  These practical tools have the power to align you to a life that feels right and allows you peace, success and satisfaction.

My role as analyst or guide is to show you what about you must be respected, honored and find expression, and where you are most easily led astray.  Where are you most vulnerable to the world?  Where within yourself can you find your compass?  What role does your mind play in your happiness and well-being?  What do you need in relationships to be happy?

I invite you to explore Human Design with me.  You’ll find it is a transformative journey towards living the life that is meant to be yours.

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