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Powerful Insights through Psychotherapy and the Human Design System

Human Design is a profound tool for awareness that can lead you on a transformative journey towards living the life that is meant to be yours. Psychotherapy facilitates the process of self-acceptance, understanding and emotional healing. The combination provides powerful tools for a fulfilling life.”

Most people are familiar with psychotherapy as a tool for emotional healing and skillful living, and are aware that there are many different varieties of psychological work. At Human Design Insight, we combine Contemplative Psychotherapy with Human Design knowledge, providing a uniquely powerful approach to resolving life’s issues and healing wounds from past experience.

The Human Design System is a richly detailed synthesis of ancient wisdom  and modern science.  Dubbed "the science of awakening", it provides individualized insights and practical solutions  that allow confidence, awareness, a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  

Human Design regards each individual as being uniquely able to decide what is best  for him or herself, provided you know how to sort out what is right for you. A reading of your individual Design provides simple but powerful keys and strategies to eliminate unnecessary struggle from daily life.  It shows you how you are influenced to make decisions that leave you feeling frustrated, bitter, disappointed or angry.   And, it gives you tools to make better choices, thereby having an enormous impact on your happiness.

The power of Human Design lies in its ability to transform your life through awareness, and a reading of your unique design allows you to apply the knowledge to navigate life so you can fulfill your sense of meaning and purpose in life.

 A personal reading begins the transformative journey. Follow-up sessions clarify your experiences within the context of your own design. Ongoing psychotherapy sessions incorporating the Human Design map of your uniqueness are also available.

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