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Powerful Insights through the Human Design System

Human Design is a profound tool for awareness that can lead you on a transformative journey towards living the fulfilling life that is meant to be yours.

It facilitates self-acceptance, awareness, emotional healing and a clear recognition of others. It removes the struggle so many of us experience in life.


In 1998, at a time when life was not making much sense to me, I was introduced to the Human Design System, had a reading with Ra Uru Hu (the system's founder), and soon began studying the knowledge.  The profound impact of learning my strategy and authority for making reliable decisions for myself was transformative.  For many years, I attended Ra's courses almost everywhere he taught.  I was fortunate to receive numerous personal, partnership and life cycle readings by him.  What a difference those readings and teachings have made for me! 

In the years prior to meeting Human Design, my career focus was varied and diverse as I searched for a path with meaning and purpose. I  earned several advanced university degrees and worked as a high school French teacher, a Paralegal and a Computer Software developer before finally finding my passion as a Psychotherapist.  In 1991, I graduated from Naropa University (a Buddhist university in Boulder, Colorado) with a Master’s degree in Contemplative Psychology and worked at the Mental Health Center in Boulder as well as in private practice for a number of years.  In 2000, I devoted myself to learning Human Design and, recognizing the power inherent in applying Human Design knowledge in one’s personal life, I began integrating that knowledge into my Psychotherapy work.

My passion lies in sharing the Human Design System with others, working with people individually and in relationship over time to help them integrate into their daily lives a deep understanding of its wisdom and a deeper understanding of who they truly are.   

I hope you will join me in exploring what Human Design can do for you.

My Human Design chart is shown below.  I am a 2/5 Generator with Emotional Authority.  All that will make sense once you know more---come explore with me!

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